Tuesday, July 26, 2005


This is where we spent last Saturday.  I wish I was there now.  There's something about the sound of water, the smell of the forest, the cool breeze messing up my hair...and its only an hour from Albuquerque.

Meet my new happy place.


I've recently started "conversating" again with someone I've missed terribly...its like sliding into a warm bath.  Everything just clicked again, all the bad feelings are gone...its as if we'd never grown apart.  Forgiveness is a remarkable thing, when it can be complete. 

Thank you for not giving up on my sorry butt, thanks for allowing me back in (even if it was disguised using a lame method of re-entry).  I've sure missed you. You know who you are. 

NO I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT DIET COKE, but admittedly those feelings are similar.


Home ownership is such a joy.  This year we've lost a furnace, had electrical problems, pipe leaks, well pumps have given up the ghost, and now our water heater quit.  We called the wonderful people at the Public Service Company of New Mexico for help, and they promptly red tagged our gas line until we have repairs made by a licensed plumber at $100 per hour.

Yanno, the water's not really that cold...


Since my company has moved to its new location, we've had wildlife living in our front yard.  Our little mascots.  A squirrel family and a rabbit family share a bush condominium - the squirrels take the top, and the bunnies dig below.  They often hang out on the porch, and don't even move or run when people approach.  They're awesome.

Well, the landlord decided to allow the lawn to die.  Albuquerque is a desert afterall, and we've discovered there really isn't an unlimited supply of agua.  Now, when you water your lawn you have to do it between certain hours of the day, and if you don't, or if you have any overflow, you get cited.  After a couple of citations, the owner made the decision to xeriscape and let the grass die.  Now we've all  (employees, postal workers, UPS girl, building owner and other visitors) been worried about our mascots.

This morning I choked back a sob to find one of our little bunnies in the road.  The squirrels have relocated.  Our mascots are gone, their little bushy condo is empty.


Yeah so I'm a sap.  Its all good.


I'm trying to register for fall semester and *big surprise* every class I need is closed.  Right on?  Four classes left to graduate.  Four!  And I can't get into a single one.  They're all full, and they all filled within hours of posting.  (Anyone in the management school at UNM feeling my pain?  I'd love to comiserate!)

When you've been working on your undergrad degree as long as I have (12 years this August) you tend to get senioritis WAY worse than anyone else.  All I want to do is finish.  Finally.  Finish. 

The whole deferred gratification thing - I'm ready to stop deferring.  I'm ready to show my girls what perserverance can do.  I'm ready!!

My new strategy:  Wait until the tuition payment deadline when people get booted for non-payment, and steal their spots.  HA.  I'm graduating next Spring, and nothing's gonna stop me.


There's my purge this fine Tuesday afternoon, in billious green no less.  Gag away.

Weather note:  Its 83 degrees, which is frigid compared to the 107/110 we had last week about this time.  Thank you, Powers That Be, for the much needed break.  May it spread quickly to Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and especially to a cute apartment in California with no air conditioning.

Have a wonderful week!!


jmorancoyle said...

    That cold wave finally hit Illinois. Yippee! It's actually in the 60's here. What a treat after 104! Sorry to hear about your little furry condo. I'd be sad, too. We're in the same type of restrictions because of the drought. It's actually raining here right now. Our grass has some green in it. Beautiful picture by the way.

cneinhorn said...

glad you have made amends with your friend...the photo is lovely!

~  www.jerseygirljournal.com

jgrand1 said...

I visited New Mexico about 4 years ago and loved it!  Albuquerque was very cool and I was impressed by the great airport!  Most of all, I liked "El Pinto"--I still have fond memories of their margaritas and "sopapillas", which I can't find in L.A.!  Good luck with those classes!

concessionsupply said...

I spent last weekend in NM doing the family reunion.  What an amazing state.  So Sorry about your mascots.