Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Happy Anniversary, Dear Puuuurge


SO, exactly one year ago today, my little Daily Purge came to life.  This journal was born out of anguish, unfortunately - a place where I could vent my anger and hurt and broken heart over a person who'd devastated me beyond all reason.  Since then, I've gotten over said devastation, and moved onward and upward.  That was literally one of the best things he could have done for me.  I guess I should thank him.  Not!

My journal actually scored me some bomb-diggity friends, and Aileen's the first one that comes to mind.  We met under some pretty unfortunate circumstances (I'm so glad that journal subjects are searchable!), and managed to surface and muddle through with a pretty strong friendship.  She's bold, beautiful, intelligent and genuine, and I'm blessed to know her.  So, if I hadn't been terribly screwed over, I never would have met her.  Again, maybe I should thank him.  Not!

I also "met" Ahndreah, who's one of the most talented bloggers/writers I know in the real world; Miss Trishy, whose music "sucks not"; Judi, who's simply amazing - her artwork has made me gasp on more than one occasion; Jeff, who's a great cheerleader; Albert, who's just adorable and lovable all by himself; Miss Peachy, whose common sense has floored me on a regular basis all year; Kat, the weight loss queen, and Miss JerseyGirl, whose photos are completely awe inspiring.

I've also played New Mexico tour guide, state fair promoter, whiner, student, AIDS advocate, gay rights advocate, human rights advocate, incredibly left wing tree-huggin' liberal democrat, diet coke addict, professional, PSA announcer, wife, mom, friend, dieter, dreamer, philosopher, ranter and raver, among other things.  My entries are admittedly random, quirky and weird...but that's just my M.O., and its pretty much how I'd talk to you if we were having a coke together.

Thanks for reading guys, thanks for being here.  I'm so grateful for this little blog - its really helped me in so many ways.  I've met so many wonderful people, aired truths that really needed to be aired,  and made some wonderful friends on the way.



lurkynat said...

Dear Kris,
Happy One Year Anniversary ! Great job!

andreakingme said...

Awww, Kris. You're such a sweetheart. You know that? Intelligent, witty, sensitive ... and now ... in a new tax bracket, huh?! Hah! I kill me.

I remember when I first stumbled over you and Aileen that I first thought you two were COUSINS! Yes! I did, I did! And then I thought ... huh, maybe they're friends. You two had such great rapport. I loved reading the comments you'd leave for each other in your journals. Wippersnappers!

Happy Anniversary, Puuuuuuurge.


kuhlhiggins said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your journal Kris.

jmorancoyle said...

Happy Anniversary, Kris.

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Awww shucks, Kris.  Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you started your blog, too!  Always a great read.  :)  ~Peachy

freeepeace said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  What a great recap.  Amazing how life is huh?  Devastation leads to new growth and beauty.  I have a few of those.  I thank a long-time ex almost every day for his assy-ness.

When I finally get some more music recorded, I think you'll find it sucks-not more! :D


lamove04 said...

Happy Anniversary and keep on ranting, whining, advocating and promoting!
xxoo, Albert

adieppa2 said...

I love you too, damnit.

jevanslink said...

Happy Anniversary.  I'll be taking a trip down your memory lane to fill in all the blanks.  Mrs. L

jeff466 said...

I'm glad we met in journal land :)  Happy Anniversary!

I feel for you and the diet coke quitting :(   I would always have a 12 pack of diet coke, diet dr pepper and diet pepsi in my fridge.  I bought a bunch of bottled water and have been trying to wean myself off of them and everytime I go to the fridge to get one, I have to fight not to grab one-which I do a lot.  I have been trying to have 2 waters for every diet drink I have but I'm only human-so kudos to you :)


judithheartsong said...

happy anniversary!!!!!! judi