Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Plea to Mr. Bush

To quote a good friend of mine... "Holy Frigging Circus"

An open plea to our vacationing leader:

Yanno, Mr. Bush, instead of turning this into a media/public relations could have just picked yourself up, along with your enterage of secret service agents, and trotted your little butt down the street to talk to this woman. An hour of your busy day (on yet ANOTHER vacation) to speak to a woman who lost her baby fighting your war.  I'm not sure if its pride, or stubbornness, or just plain stupidity, but all of this could have been avoided if you'd have just agreed to speak with her.

Now it looks like and a whole barrage of anti-Bush organizations are latching on to this.  It has gotten so huge, they've had to rent portable toilets, for cryin' out loud.  For a president who's approval ratings are at an all-time low, it seems it would behoove you to just walk over there and talk her.  I realize you met with her with a group of families at a canned session right after her son died.  So what.  She wants a one-on-one session to ask you a few questions.  An hour or so, for someone who lost her child fighting for us.

Seems like it would be the least you could do for this grieving mother, bless her heart.

Pretend she's a CEO of a multibillion dollar international corporation, or a major contributor, or pretend she's someone who matters enough... whatever it takes. 

Just go talk to her. 


kuhlhiggins said...

Very well put Kris. You are right on the money about this.

redpoppy007 said...

I agree, it would show he is human

lurkynat said...

ugh oh


jmorancoyle said...

    Cindy Sheehan isn't a CEO of a major drug or oil company. She isn't a lobbyist. She isn't one of Bush's yes men. She's an average American. What does she matter to anyone? I hope he doesn't speak to her, at least not soon. I want to see her message get out to everyone. It won't bring her son back, and I don't know if we can end this war now. It isn't that easy. She is just one of the many millions of little people who have been hurt by the Bush White House and some of his short sighted policies.

gabreaelinfo said...

Such sad and scary times we live in. Having a child in the service we pray a lot here.

Take Care,