Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Finals, they are approaching...

The next two weeks mark the end of the semester for me (THANK GAWD) but that also means the two words college students hate to utter:

                                                *FINALS WEEK*

I've got a 16 page project due and two finals to take.  In other words, I'll be kinda scarce until they're over. 

Wish me luck!


kuhlhiggins said...

Good luck with your finals.

luvmort said...

I have another friend in Philadelphia going through the same thing. He feels your pain!
Sorry but, I don't.

mum24boyz said...

good luck!!! I kind of like finals week, because I know it's almost over, and I will have some free time and can breathe again!!l lol!!  GOOD LUCK!!

ravenlark2 said...

Oh gawd...I remember finals week. It was always hectic for me. That's one part of college life that I don't miss.

Good luck to you!


danniboo05 said...

hey i found your link and i just wanted to give you mine- if you get  bored stop by and check it out