Friday, November 25, 2005

Some more gratitude.

At the suggestion of my very best friend, I decided to update the "All About Me" pic.  I can't tell much difference, but the other was about 30 pounds ago, so voila!  Y'all decide.  I'm so UNphotogenic, or I'd post a full body shot for comparison.  Maybe I can get her to take one I actually approve of...

Le swung by the oriface Wednesday afternoon and made my day.  See, she hasn't seen me since June, and it was pretty cool to hear her reaction.  So yeah, thanks Le.  You still rock.  Y'all realize she gets the "Very Best Friend" title for a reason.


Another note of gratitude without invading too much privacy (I hope!).  I received a wonderful e-mail from someone who'd stumbled upon my journal and an entry that touched him, and I really was humbled by his response.  It was one of those entries I call "selfish" (meaning I was hurting and needed to spout about it), but it really meant something to him and it was awesome hearing that.  I hope I've made yet another friend with this space.  Thank you, Mr B.  Thank you so much.

That's it for now.  You guys let me know if you see any difference.  I ain't seein' it!



kuhlhiggins said...

You are looking great.

mikethedawg said...

are you blind? post the full body! Before and after if you will please! Honey, 30 lbs is a lot!!! Think 30 1lb. bags of sugar!
So proud of you! So proud! Been there done that, know how hard it is proud!

jcgeorgiapeach said...

You look great!!!!  ~Peachy

ravenlark2 said...

Love the new pic....and don't know who told you that you were not photogenic but it's soooo not true.

Beautiful picture. You look good girl!


boiseladie said...

You look great!