Sunday, November 20, 2005

yeah, I know the ads are still here...


This place is like a ghost town.  Four (4!) alerts all weekend.  It stinks.  What stinks even more is without the convenience of alerts, I simply don't have time to go visit 20+ journals each day.  I'm learning bloglines, but y'all know that's not the same.

I've decided I'll keep The Purge purgin' on for the time being, and if it turns your stomach to visit, you can check out the mirror site at Happy Delusions (on my favorites list). 

Yeah, call me a sellout or a jerk or a wimp or whatever, but I've honestly got bigger fish to fry.  I sat down and pondered it, and I'm simply not ready to stop Purgin here.  In the grand scheme of things, you just have to ask yourself "How important is it?".  Yanno, with AIDS awareness, gay rights, human rights, people hungry in my little town, this STUPID war that no one wanted...2" x 4" ad banners...There are bigger and more important things to get uppidy about.

Go ahead, keep getting pissed.  I've done my bit and I'll continue the letter writing, e-mail writing, commenting and raising my fist in the air because it really isn't cool what they've done.  I'll just fight the good fight in a more passive-aggressive way than some of my more vocal friends.

Blogspot's great, mind you, but its not home.  I'm hoping (praying) that the AOL losers who implemented this dirty little plan will become enlightened and change their ways.  I'm also praying that this hiatus will be temporary.  Yes, forever the optimist.

Meanwhile, I'll save y'all a place on the couch, and I'll keep your spot warm.

...and I hope you'll keep coming by.

Love you,


sort of mirror entry here.


kuhlhiggins said...

You are not a sellout , jerk, a wimp or whatever. You are doing what feels right to you. I agree with you about blogspot not being home. I do like it there but it has a different feel to it than I am used to here in journal land. I will continue to keep coming by because I love your journal so please do save me a place on the couch. I will even bring the popcorn.

donah42 said...

LOL---I'll visit you wherever you are purging :)

aiibrat said...

there are no sell-outs or heroes and no one should tell you such!

i miss my AOL J.  and it's not a goodbye since i have it still open, but for me, i've decided to go to blogger.

i guess what i'm trying to say, even though some people moved, everyone is a click away! -=)


luvmort said...

These times, they are a changin'. Change is good, even if it's sad. Now there's more room to grow and meet new people and bring them in the neighborhood. I actually got a few new readers through this whole mess.

ravenlark2 said...

I'm still here and still swinging by as I wade through my alerts.
Glad you decided to stay. I think we all hold the same hope that someone will actually start using their brain at AOL but don't ya think that's hoping for alot? lol


jmorancoyle said...

    I'm still here. Heartbroken at the exodus, but here none-the-less.