Thursday, August 31, 2006

Katrina Survivors

In the most random place possible, I met a family of Katrina Survivors who were out on their summer vacation.  We were at the top of Sandia Peak, checking out the views, when a man asked me where I was from.  I told him we were from Albuquerque, and he told me he was from New Orleans.  He corrected himself and said "used to be from New Orleans, anyway". 

He was the sweetest kindest man - so humble and seemingly grateful for every breath he took.  He told me that when the levees broke it moved his mother's house - ripped it right off the foundation - about 100 feet from where it stood.  The water was moving so fast it just swept it away.

Yes, there had been warnings as there had been warnings before.  Earlier they'd had a warning and evacuation order and came home to find some branches in their front yard and some puddles on the street.  They had no way of knowing this would be any different than the last time.  This man's boss told him that if he followed the evacuation order and didn't report to work, he'd be fired.

What many people don't understand is that these people had no funds to leave.  Many didn't have cars.  Many didn't have $5 to their name to get a bus ticket.  Most didn't have credit cards to use.  They were stuck.  They could not leave without help.

This man, with his family, waited at the Convention Center and/or Superdome for four days before they were bussed out.  They lost everything.  He decided to stay here once they were shipped here, along with about 500 other people who were welcomed after they ran out of places to go.

This man was so sweet and forgiving and gracious and kind.  I'm so glad he stopped to share his family's story with me.  Reminded me what spoiled brats we all tend to be, and that we truly need to be grateful for everything we have. 

Savor the day.

Monday, August 14, 2006


On August 9, my dear friend and mentor Colleen Regan passed away after failing to recover from a near-drowning accident on April 8.  Her partner has written up a wonderful description of Colleen, definately worth reading, here:  Colleen.  You can also read of her heroism in saving her drowning friend here.  

This woman helped me more than words can describe when I was struggling spiritually. She helped to guide me at a time when I was so incredibly lost.  I would never be as grounded and as successful today if I hadn't known her, and I feel blessed to be able to consider her one of my dearest friends.  I am going to miss her so much.

On August 11, my uncle passed away suddenly at 53 years old, after suffering a major heart attack.  Its crazy how you have these memories of people you grew up with and loved, and you take for granted that they'll just always be there.  I hadn't seen my uncle since they moved back to Texas over ten years ago.  He was way too young to die.

Another reminder to savor each and every breath you take, be thankful for each moment, and do your best not to take anything for granted.



Wednesday, August 2, 2006

2006 Albuquerque AIDS Walk!!

As most of you know, every year we do the Albuquerque AIDS walk in memory of Alberto, a precious soul who lost his 10+ year long battle with AIDS in 2002.  Its a great way to honor his memory, and raise awareness and funding for research, education and prevention of this horrific disease.

Here's our website, where you can make secure donations.  There is NO MINIMUM - even $1 will help.  Our goal is $500 this year - we'll get there!


As always, anyone in the area is welcome to come and walk with us.  For $25 you can officially register and get an official t-shirt, or you can just show up for free and support the cause.

Thanks again for your support!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

At Least Its Over.

I'm just purging here, bear with me.

The surgery did not go as planned.  My tumor/diverticulum/benign growth ended up being about ten times the size they thought it was going to be (grapefruit vs golf ball), attached to my bladder, and severely infected.  My belly, it turns out, is full of scars and adhesions ("sheets and sheets", per the doc) from my appendectomy like 20 years ago, so the laproscopy failed and they had to do a regular incision.  I had a reaction to the anesthesia which caused me to black out and barf for two days straight, during which time our stupid HMO sent its resident Insurance Nazi to come and tell me (in between vomit spells) that I'd overstayed my visit and I'd be responsible for any additional charges.  Her response to my vomiting and blacking out was, "Well, you can vomit and black out at home.  There's medication for that."  (Miss Thang was promptly escorted out of my hospital room.  She hadn't even opened my chart to read it.  We have the Presbyterian Health Plan.  If you have a choice, I'd advise you choose another HMO.)

So yeah, my recovery time will be a little longer than expected.  Instead of four days, we're looking at six to eight weeks.  I'm still sore, I still get tired really easily, and I'm only working a few hours a day...but its over.  I'll have the final repairing surgery in two months, and then it'll be over over for good.

My sincere, heartfelt thank you to all that sent good vibes and thoughts my way.  I appreciate that more than you all know.  I'm truly blessed to have all the friends I have.

I'm verclempt.  Hugs, everyone.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

TMI?? Well, may-beh...

Another birthday came and went - the big 35.  I'm thankful to have another year in this beautiful place.  I loved Father's Day - saw my dad for a bit and hung out with my brother for a really long time.  It was awesome. 

We did this crazy thing that I suppose people do when they've had too much to drink.  Remember stiff as a board, light as a feather?  That game you played at slumber parties?  (Well pretend you remember if you don't!)  Its kinda like that.

My brother sat in a chair in the middle of the kitchen.  My brother's taller than me and not a tiny we'll say he weighs about 225.  Four of us stood around him, forming a square. (like two were directly across from each other and so were the other two.  I know I'm not making sense, work with me here!)  Each of us clasped our hands together, intertwining our fingers, and then made like a play gun with our hands - our two pointy fingers sticking out.  Then we each placed our hands like that under the chair and attempted to lift him.  As you can imagine, we were unsuccessful. 

Then, we each placed our hands over his head, one at a time, in order, about an inch between each hand.  As we were doing this, I could feel sort of an energy moving through my was so weird.  Anyway, so we held them there for a moment, and then we each removed our hands, one at a time, in the same order we'd placed them there.  Then, we made the little pointy finger gun with our hands and attempted to lift him again.  This time we lifted him very high, very quickly, and he wasn't heavy at all.

WHOA.  Now tell me - why did that work?!?!

I thought - okay this is stupid.  I hadn't been drinking, my daughter hadn't been drinking (obviously), so we knew it wasn't that.  So, we tried it again with Louie, with my daughter, and each time the result was the same.  My brother said he'd done it at a party with a 300 lb guy and the guy hit his head on the ceiling.

Spooked me out.  If anyone's ever heard of this - please let me know.  I'm starting to imagine some quantum physics explanation or something.  That SHOULD NOT have worked!


Just gonna put this out there...

I'm having some surgery next week and I'm a little freaked about it.  I mean, its necessary (I'm not THAT stupid) but I'm a bit skeered.  I'll spend the night in the hospital and hopefully go home the next day. 

I haven't had surgery in like...20 years.  There's a lot involved in preparation and screening and more consent forms than I've ever seen in my life.  Yeah, I'm a bit nervous, but I know I'll be fine.  I get to have two of them this year, and let's just say I'll be glad when they're over.  Yes, I'm completely grateful to be able to have this done to improve my quality of life, and I'm grateful for the medical insurance and medical care I have access to.  I'm working on keeping the ultimate goal in mind:  improved quality of life.  I'll be even gratefuller when I wake up on the flip side and all is well.

Anywho...I'll see all of you in about two weeks. 

Monday, June 12, 2006


Proof I graduated, as well as proof Emily inherited her Mom's focus skills:

That really is me with the dean, I promise.  Gawd that felt amazing.

The faboolous view from our hotel room:

There's a "European Style" pool where you can be almost nekked.  The girls and I didn't go there, but I can't tell you how many times I peered out the window just to see if anyone was that brave.  They were!

Crazy how ginormous these hotels are.

The trip was amazing.  We had such a blast!  Vegas is way too big a town for me - almost overwhelming - and I was ready to come home.  I didn't fall in love with it like I did New Orleans, but I have to say that was one of the best times the girls and I have ever had. 

I'm grateful to have been able to go.  I have an awesome boss!

Tonight is sooo bizarre - I'm home alone, which NEVER happens, and its creepin' me out!  Kayla's at Girl Scout camp for the first time ever, Em's at her dad' here I am.  Now I know where Carol was coming from, the aloneness is a bizarre thing when you're not used to it.  I'm glad its only for one night.  Gawd help me when they're gone and I'm alone all the time. 

Slowly but surely the stress is fading a little.  I think because of my ADHD and my lifestyle all these many years, I'm used to going 350 mph all the time.  Now that I don't have to, it feels funny.  I still have that drive and ambition, but nothing to focus it on.

ADHD and a Gemini- what a combination.  9 gazillion projects and not a single one finished - just "revised".

I'm still losing weight, slowly but surely.  I gained about 5 lbs during the last few weeks of school, and I've taken that off plus about a pound and a half more.  All in all I'm right at 53.5 lbs lost.  I switched plans at Weight Watchers - I'm now on the "core plan" which requires no tracking, no measuring...its completely mindless (good for me, I know) and I'm finally losing weight again.  I've still got a few pounds to go, but I'm so incredibly happy with how I look and feel now, any more weight loss is icing on that giant cake.

Well there, I've done my purgin for the day.  I'm off to read and relax...or try to.

Thursday, June 8, 2006


If anyone's still out there...

So yeah, I done graduated, and then I took off to Vegas for a conference for a week (yep I've got pics - I'll get them here, really I will), and then I ...

          ...managed to piss everyone off, lost all track of time, got very little done and here I sit  chasing my tail like a dork.

Crazy how "stuff to do" will expand proportionally to fill the time you've gained by graduating from college, huh.

This is an adjustment, and a big one.  I don't know how to explain it exactly, but I'll try. 

Say you've been striving for a goal for close to a decade and a half.  Its been all-consuming, stressful, and you've been focused on this one thing for all these years and then suddenly you get there.  First, you're elated.  YEAH!  I did it!!  Then, you scratch your head and wonder..."what the heck do I do now?"

Well, I'm reading for pleasure.  I'm cleaning and organizing little by little.  I'm sitting out by the pool with the girls.  I'm grooming my dogs.  I'm making my bed.  I'm watching TV when I can stomach it.  I'm catching up on e-mails and journals.  I'm writing thank you cards and visiting with friends more often.  I'm spending tons more time with my daughters.

But (yes there's a but), I feel like I'm sort of goal-less.  Like I've lost my focus.  I don't know where I'm headed.  Its an adjustment, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, I'm pissing off people in droves it seems and I SWEAR I'm not doing it on purpose.  I flaked contacting my friend before I went to visit her new town for my conference, then I misplaced her number, and then I stalked her unsuccesfully for two days.  (Forgive me Aileen I swear I didn't do iton purpose.  I'm a flake.  I'm an idiot.)  I haven't returned e-mails or phone calls to a couple of other people (Chuck), and I've fallen desperately behind in reading my favorite journals.

Its just that big adjustment process.  I can't put my finger on it, but I feel kinda lost, sorta.

Here's my collective apology to everyone I've flaked out on:

I need to get my feces coagulated.  I apologize.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yeah, I know.

If I have any readers left, I apologize for the hiatus, but there's this little thing called the last semester of college that's getting in the way. 

* 15 more days till graduation.  360 hours.

* 11 more days till my last day of school.  264 more hours.

* 3 more days of class.  (T, TH, T)

* One more tax return project, one more final.

Then, I'm done with college. 


12 long years it took me to get here.


             Can we say "SENIORITIS"?


Saturday, April 1, 2006

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Just in time for Easter...

Baby bunnies!!!

I'll have better pics this weekend.  Turns out our two boy bunnies aren't two boy bunnies, and it took them two years to figure that out. 

Yanno, everything's pretty okay.  This world's not a bad place, afterall.  It took 6 tiny bunnies to help me remember.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

A most necessary purge

I haven't felt like writing much lately.  I'm having one of those periods where my world is spinning out of control and I get to just stand here helplessly watching.  All I can do is tackle one single day/hour/minute at a time.

My attitude has basically stunk lately, and I'm not quite sure why.  I'm snippy, short-tempered, frustrated, have this stupid spoiled entitlement attitude, and I'm completely unmotivated.  My life has literally never been better than it is at this very moment, and my attitude sucks.  I think its time for inventory, ladies and gentlemen.

I told off my neice the other night.  Not just a little tell off either - a major one.  I unloaded 4 years of stuff that's been stuffed deep deep deep way down to the bottom.  I was emotional, I cried and ranted and raved and cussed and trembled.  I scared my kids.  I think my stress level allowed it to volcano into something that couldn't be stopped once it started.  I'm not sure how to fix it now, or if I should even bother, but its bugging me.  I've sat there silent while these individuals have dissed gay people in my presence for so many years, all in the name of keeping peace.

I'm not doing it anymore.  Its akin to keeping quiet when someone tells a racist joke.  Its not funny, its not acceptable, and I'm not going to be quiet and stand down and let people get away with hateful behavior.

Ever since my Alberto passed in 2002, I've watched the family slowly turn away.  Most of you know that Alberto died after suffering with AIDS for over a decade.  This has turned into my cause - I do the AIDS walk each year, I push testing, I volunteer, I raise money...these people have gradually turned from this. They "don't want to support gay people".  I can't believe, after watching him die like we did, that they could even let thoughts like this enter their minds. They want to turn their noses down at gay people because its "sinful", but they'll cheat on their spouses and lie to their bosses and steal from their jobs.  Then they proceed to lecture my children about how sinful gay people are. 

hold up.

Most of you know that you can do pretty much anything you want to me, but you involve my kids and bad stuff happens.  My children will not be taught to hate.  They will not be taught to judge other people.  Most of all, they will not be party to hypocracy.  I have no problem with them attending a church that is OPEN AND AFFIRMING to all that actually follows the "thou shalt not judge lest ye be judged" part of the deal.

Moreover, I honestly feel that if you are going to follow one verse in one chapter of the Bible, you need to follow each and every one of them.  In other words, if you're going to lean so hard into Leviticus - embrace it ALL.  Stop eating shellfish.  Stop eating unblessed/unclean food.  Stop working on Sundays.  If one portion of Leviticus is outdated, then ALL of it is.  Its interesting that when I bring this up, they claim that portion of the Bible is outdated because its the Old Testament.  If one part is outdated, then ALL of it is.  (Sidenote:  please, before anyone proceeds to argue with me - go and read Leviticus in its entirety.  then we can proceed with a discussion.  Thanks in advance.)

So I embrace a young girl who's coming out for the first time.  Her family has turned on her - called her an embarassment.  I open my heart and my home to her, and tell her she'll always be welcome and safe in my house.  I tell her its okay to feel what she's feeling, that a loving God would never tell us who we could and couldn't love.  A loving God would never exclude someone based on something they had no control over.  Then I sit back and watch a "religious" idiot poison her mind, watch her suffer the internal conflict of what she feels and needs versus what the church tells her is okay to feel and need.  I love this child so much that I want her to have a place she can turn. I don't want her to end up a suicide statistic - a victim of a family who's shunned her, as so many do.

I give up.  I mean, obviously I can't change how these people are - how hateful they've become.  For some reason, I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs, and no one's listening.  I know I can't change the world, but that doesn't mean I have to accept something that's so fundamentally wrong.  Anyone who's known Albert or heard me talk about him knows that he was one of the most beautiful souls ever to walk this earth.  He was one of the most godly men I knew - humble, kind, giving, loving, accepting - a true friend.

I've watched "Christians" spit on AIDS patients coming from doctor visits.  I've seen similar people spray painting evil things on their cars.  I've heard them say they got what they deserved, and that God doesn't love them because they're gay.  ( I still want to know what the sin for cancer is.)

I've been on this spiritual quest for years now - desperately trying to understand why the religion I embraced for so long...well I should say the people involved in the religion I embraced for so long...could be so hateful.  How can you just blindly accept something to be fact when that thing involves being hateful and mean to another human being?  I can't get past that, and until I can, the quest will continue.

I'll still be here for her.  She'll always have a place where she'll be loved no matter what.  She'll always be able to be herself here.  If doing that sends me to hell, then I suppose I've already got a road paved for me.



Blah.  This turned into a rant and I didn't want it to.  Its therapy.  Please deal with it for a little while, at least until I decide to delete it. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled, normal-acting, positive, optimistic happy-go-lucky Kris.



Monday, February 20, 2006

Girl takes ribbon snake bite personally.

So, as most of you know, I am a snake owner.  I love snakes - I think they're beautiful, sleek, very misunderstood creatures. 

Anyway, my snake's name is Phyl.  This could be short for Phyllis or Phyllip - its an androgenous name because snakes are very hard to sex.  I've had Phyl for about two years now and he's gotten very long and very fat.  He's my buddy.  I handle him often, the kids handle him, Kayla's friend handle him, and he's generally a pretty cool snake. 

Until this time.

I bought him a beautiful brand new 15 gallon aquarium because he's too big for his old 5 gallon one.  I got him new bedding, new river rocks, and put his plant and pond in there.  I was all proud of myself. 

So I take Phyl out like I usually do when its time to put his food in there, which, by the way, is live rosie fish.  I held him for a while, letting him go in and out of my fingers, when I noticed he had some white shiney stuff on his head.  Ew?  So being the mom I am, I grabbed a paper towel and moistened it with warm water, and ran it over his whole body. 

Now, ribbon snakes rarely bite I've read, but when they're really hacked they'll "musk" - nasty smelling stuff will come out of them, which is harmless.  You just wash it off and go on with your business.  Well, Phyl "musked" and yeah it was nasty.  Then I noticed his little mouth open and freaked - he was trying to bite me!

The little S***!

He finally did get ahold of me, and I was freaked and yelling and screaming and shaking and the whole fandamily came to my aid, sorta.  More like, they watched, mouths agape, as I freaked out over my snake.

I was so hurt and upset that I didn't realize I'd put him in his old cage.  Tearful, bleeding, I put his fish in his pond and grabbed the thickest winteryest sock I could find so I could pick him up and relocate him.  I'm so glad I took that precautionary measure, because the little craphead dug into that sock, through the sock to my skin...and wouldn't let go!  I lowered him tail-first into the tank and he hung there, attached to the sock for a good two minutes before he let go.


He's not a rattlesnake, so there's no fangs there, just a gazillion little needle-like razor sharp teeth that hurt like a monkey when they get ya.  You can't even see the bite on my finger anymore.

Needless to say, the female that I am, I took it personally.  WAY personally.  He's never been aggressive or mean before, ever.  I've let tiny children handle this snake.  He pooped on Kayla's friend, but that was the worst that's ever happened.

I'm bummed.

He didn't eat his last batch of fish, and he hasn't touched this one.  He's not shedding, but he keeps rubbing his snout on everything like it itches.  I'm hoping that's why he got so nippy.

Anyone out there own a western ribbon?  I can't figure out why he got so nasty. 

There ya go - the pathetic low-light of my weekend.  Bitten by my own snake.  Now you see why I live vicariously through my friends.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday Morning Eye Candy

The new lead singer of INXS.  Just sayin'.

Go here now for the video:  Pretty Vegas

I think its the tattoos. . . enjoy!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing. Really.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Now that that's out of the way, I've got so much to purge about in so little time...this is gonna be all over the place.

I lost another couple of pounds, but its very slow going.  Two pounds in a month is inexcusable, and I'm fully aware I'm not going to meet my goal of 55 lbs by the 14th, but it'll happen next week for sure.  Its sure going slow, but at least its going.


I've felt pretty lousy all weekend, and I'm not entirely sure why.  Well I know I suffered food poisoning Friday to Saturday, which was horrible.  That's never happened to me before, and as I told Chuck, I'm seriously considering going vegan again.  Its really hard to get food poisoning from fruits, veggies and grains.  I haven't had pain like that since I had Kayla in 1997.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

I still can't shake the migraine or the cloud.  I call it my 'aura' and I always get it before a migraine.  I've only had one migraine before in my whole life, and I see weird circles around lights and fog-like stuff before and during.  Hopefully it'll be gone tomorrow.  I honestly don't have time to get sick.  Maybe its stress...



Educator Rant, Paso Uno.  Science Fair is next week for Kayla.  Translation:  Mom spends $100 (literally) on science fair crap, gives up an entire weekend of study time to monitor experiments and teach the scientific method, and teacher gets out of doing anything.  My two cents:  at 8-9 years old, teacher needs to not only instruct children on scientific method and give class time for science fair projects, she needs to LET THE PARENTS KNOW WELL AHEAD OF TIME instead of the Thursday before the fair.  These children are not ready for it, seeing as they've had no exposure to this before.  Fourth grade?  yes!  Fifth grade?  Of course!!  Third grade??  They still need some help.  Add to this the fact that since January they've had 2-3 hours of homework a night (not exaggerating) AND a biography project is due this same week.  My high schooler has less stuff to do. 

Educator Rant, Part Deux:  Stop teaching to the standardized tests.  I don't give a hoot about the "no child left behind act".  What happened to teaching?  Why drill into the kids what they'll be tested on?  Why get them so worked up about some stupid standardized test that they have no chance of passing anyway because y'all didn't bother teaching the topics until 4 weeks ago?  Finally, WHY start teaching to the test merely 4 weeks before it'll be taken?  They're not going to learn multiplication, division and geometry in four weeks.

Sidenote:  sending a one page typed letter to the teacher got me a one line post-it, begging me not to have Kayla do a project because she "obviously really didn't want to".  Of COURSE she doesn't want to.  She's a kid.  Kids don't ever WANT to do science fair projects.  This would be a lesson on "how to miss a point entirely".

Educator Rant, Part THREE:  Why hold a MANDATORY parent meeting to beg people to vote on bond funds, and then try to pacify them with cold flesh-filled sandwiches?  Do you really think I wanted to eat with you people, versus my children? Ner.  How about holding a parent meeting to discuss things like curriculum or science fairs?  Now there's an idea...

*Rant Complete*


Yeah, I've been a sucky journaller lately.  Corporate Tax and Strategic Management are kicking my posterior, so bear with me for a while.  Y'all always do, and I'm grateful.  Its almost like having my own little cheerleading section, which is awesome.


Valentine's Day.  Yet another day for Mom to spend a ton of money on treats and cards for every single one of the girls' friends and watch everyone else get bling and flowers and candy and crap.  On a more positive note: 

I truly hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and get all kinds of flowers and candy and bling and crap.


Monday, January 30, 2006

I actually got tagged. The New Journals Game...

I know.  Most of us don't need more journals to read, but this was really kinda fun.  I swear its like feeding an addiction, but give it a shot if you've got some time.

My new friend Kath tagged me to play this meet new people game - rules are here.  From her entry:

Start in your own journal . . .
In your "links to other journals" click on someone, I don't care who it is or how you picked them, close your eyes and point if you must. Read their latest entry, then leave them a comment, let them know they are involved in this little game and leave a link back to your journal.

NOW . . . 
From the random journal you selected to be in, click on someone in their "links to other journals," and once again read their latest entry, leave them a comment, let them know they are involved in this little game and leave a link back to your journal. . .

THEN . . .
From that journal go to their "links to other journals," (try to pick someone you don't recognize . . . if they don't have links, go back a step and pick someon new . . . be smart. . . and blah blah blah blah . . . you get the point . . . do this 15 times . . . or how every many you have time for, and if you are an over achiever shoot for 20. :)

I only had time for 10 (I'm working, people!!  Well...sorta anyway...)

Here's where I went:

With My Hands Tied Behind My Back

The Darkest Desert   <--a fellow New Mexican!  How cool!!

Is There Really Life Out There?

Reflections of Ari

Singing With My Heart

Dust Bunny Club of North America

Aurora Walking Vacation

Ride Along With Me

Public Thoughts

Keeping the Weight OFF


UPDATE:  Some people don't have "other journals" listed (PAUL!), so I cheated and pulled links from comments. 

Monday, January 23, 2006

I stole this from Chuck

I stole this from my favorite egghead, cuz I love him like that.  He's adorable.  I am officially tagging my own self, because I am really that pathetic.

1.  Name four jobs that you've had.

Party Hostess - at Pistol Pete's Pizza all through high school.  Think Chuck E. Cheese without the scary puppets.  It was fun as heck and the uniform was cute.

Pizza Delivery Driver/Manager - for two years.  Sheer hell.  I'd tell you the name of the chain but I'd get sued.  It was horrible, and they treat their employees like crap.  I guess it didn't help that I was pregnant for the last 9 months of my stint there.  The worst tips I got were from rich people while extremely pregnant...the best tips I got were from poor people in the projects.  Go figure.  This is why I'm a notoriously good tipper - been there, done that.  Those people earn like $3-4 an hour and get a whopping 25 cents per delivery for fuel, wear and tear and insurance - cut them a break. <rant complete>

Residency Program Coordinator - I worked for a Dermatology Residency Program and loved it.  I miss my residents!!  I miss the thrill of match day!! It gave me an all new perspective on the human aspect of physicians.  They're not gods - not by a long shot.  They're a whole different breed, kinda like engineers. ::ducking::

Gas Station Attendant - Not fun.  Pity those people.  They work hard for lousy pay.  Be nice to them - I bet most of them have great stories to tell.  (I do!)

2.  Four Movies You'd Watch Over and Over

Twister.  I love Helen Hunt's hair in that movie, and her love interest...(what's his name??) sure looked good in them thar jeans.

Practical Magic.  I know its a chick flick, but I just love Sandra Bullock.  She's my choice to play me in my life story - gorgeous and great at slapstick.  (I'm a spaz)

My Neighbor Totoro.  I love cartoons, and I really love "animated features" by this particular Japanese director (Hayao Miyazaki).  Rent them all, even if you don't have children.  The animation is amazing.

Gone With The Wind.  Its a classic.  Shaddap.

3.  Four Places You Have Lived.

Albuquerque, Albuquerque, Peralta (suburb of Albuqurque), and...oh yeah ALBUQUERQUE.  (Yes my life is pure boredom.  This is why I live vicariously through you people.)

4.  Four TV Shows You Love To Watch.

I hate TV.  It has to serve some purpose, or I'm not watching it.  That being said, I'm become fascinated with successful weight loss stories on Discovery Health, as well as their plastic surgery shows.  (Yeah I'm weird)  I also like Sponge Bob.  (told ya)  Oh, and I watch the news....and, I've recently become addicted to Related just because Em likes it.

5.  Four Places You've Been on Vacation.

Hopefully I can come up with four.  I'm a mom on a limited budget.

New Orleans (pre-hurricane) - absolutely beautiful city that I think I left my heart in.  I hope it can be rebuilt to pre-hurricane awesomeness.  Hopefully people won't forget that they still need help there.  And yes, I'm still going to live there someday, even if its only for a little while.

Carlsbad, NM - Go see the caverns if you're ever down my way.  Absolutely amazing stuff.

Victor, CO - spooky little ghost town that my Aunt Dodie owns a summer home in.  That's the first and last haunted house I ever plan to spend the night in.  (eek)

Chama, NM - rode the little narrow gauge train up there.  That was a hoot, but the food was expensive and not so good.

6.  Four Foods You Love To Eat.

Chiles Rellenos.  Come visit me and I'll treat you to a mouthful of heaven.  Whole green chiles, stuffed with cheese, batter dipped and fried, smothered with more chile (red or green) and more cheese.  The bomb diggity.

Warm Sopaipillas with Honey.  - enough said.

Neo Classico Paninni from Saggio's.  Roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto sauce, focaccia bread.  Dayum.

Mom's spaghetti that she hasn't made in 16 years.  Yep, I still remember.

7.  Four Places You'd Rather Be Right Now.

Home.  I like it there.  I'm not in my house enough.

New Orleans.  Still miss it; don't care that it needs a little TLC right now.

Jemez Wilderness - sitting next to that waterfall on a warmer day.

Grandma's House, just because I miss it.


OKAY it is henceforth declared that whosoever reads this entry is hereinafter considered tagged with no further notice or action necessary on the part of the declaree.  Just do it, its fun.

Monday, January 16, 2006

There's a ghost in my bathroom.

For real.  I have no idea who, but they're there.

Four weeks ago I had a weird feeling about Alberto's jacket hanging in my foyer (in my bedroom) so I put it away.  Since then, someone very bratty has taken over my shower.  All my bathroom supplies (shampoo, conditioner, razor, soap, body wash, sponge and exfoliator) mysteriously fell from their respective spots in the shower onto the shower floor, all at once.  Thank goodness I was in the front of the house or I would have peed myself at all the noise all of the sudden.  It made me pucker a little as it was.

Now it seems the fun thing to do is to turn the water in the shower on just enough to wake me up around 2-3 AM.  Each night.  I wish he'd remember we were in a drought situation and I get fined for over usage.  Its just as easy to turn that darn water on during the day when I don't get so annoyed.  I crank those things tight before I get out of the shower each night, and for the past few nights the water's not only dripping, its ON.  The carpeting in front of the enclosure was soaked last night thanks to this little game.

My daughter was in my bedroom watching TV not too long ago and she felt someone sit next to her.  Half asleep at the time, she figured it was one of the little dogs and reached down to pet him/her and realized nothing was there.  I got a panicky call from the bathroom that day, too.

The bathroom's freezing too.  Not see-your-breath freezing, but its cold.  I wake up cold and feel like someone's there and I have to turn on Bugs Bunny or something to make the feeling go away.

So, mental note to the ghost in my bathroom:  There's kinder ways to be bratty that don't involve interrupting my cherished few hours of sleep.  Can't we pencil you in for say...7PM or something?

Any of y'all have spooks in your house?  I'm just not sure how to deal with this.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Purgables: Nervous Ticks, Weight Loss and Mice on Fire

My twitching....again.  Uncontrollably.  And I feel like EVERYONE can see it, because it feels to me like I'm having these petit mal seizures all day.  Its really plexing me.


Over the holidays I gained a little over 3 lbs and fell off the wagon with a thud.  :::THUD:::  I've discovered that I'm completely addicted to sugar.  Its very similar to an addict relapsing, with the profound difference being that addicts can stop using without dying.  I can't stop eating.  It started with a corner of a sugar cookie, and went completely downhill from there.  Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, fudge, pies, and that yummy creamy cherry jello stuff.  I suppose that's fine for a day or two, but then I couldn't stop.  It just kept spiralling out of control until I hit my Weight Watchers meeting last week.  I went in to face the music, knowing it would snap me out of my stupidity, and it did.  I'm back on track - I lost 2.6 lbs this week -  and just need to lose .4 lbs to get back to where I was before my binge.

A small hiccup on the way, I suppose.  I've decided I'm going to try to reach my goal weight by August-September.  I'm determined.  I'm gonna do it this time.  I have to, because I threw out all my fat clothes.


This week's weird news once again gave everyone tangible proof that New Mexico indeed deserves its ranking as one of the stupidest states in the country with the tale of the burning mouse.  Yes, its a true story.  Yes, it happened here.  The story goes that a man, disgusted with his home's mouse infestation, purchased those icky mouse traps that consist of much sticky glue on a piece of cardboard.  The reason why those things are so horrible is because the mouse LIVES ON, and you have to either have the gutspa to kill the poor little thing or wait for it to starve to death.  Its not humane.  Anyway, apparently this man didn't think it through very well because he purchased one of those icky things and didn't realize the mouse would live once it got stuck to this thing.

So, he did what no one else would have ever thought of.  He took the poor creature outside, placed it on top of some other leaves and debris he was planning on burning (more proof he wasn't too bright - there is a HUGE ever-increasing fire danger that everyone and their mom has been discussing the past two months!!).  He lit the entire concoction on fire, without concern for the mouse, or the fire danger. 

Now let's ponder this for a moment, shall we?  A quarter inch or so of icky sticky glueish stuff stuck to a cardboard plate...when it heats up, it will MELT.  So, the poor little mouse is on fire and suddenly freed from his horrible inhumane trap when he does what any living thing on fire would do - he runs like mad.  Here's where karma kicks in.  He runs right into the man's house, catching it on fire, and destroying all the man's worldly possessions.

Only in New Mexico.

We've had mice before, and I know they're not pleasant, amazingly destructive and downright dangerous, but I still couldn't use those sticky pad things.  You keep your house clean, keep the grain for the horse far away from the house (that one's important), and you set traps.  I hate killing the poor little things, but if its between the poor little cute mouse and my daughter contracting the Hanta Virus...sorry little guy, you're history. 

I'd never light him on fire though. 


School starts up again on Tuesday and as usual I'm nowhere near ready.  I keep telling myself this is the last one.  The last semester.  Unless...

Unless I talk myself into graduate school.  A year and a half in the Executive MBA program.  Fridays and Saturdays for a year.

Still pondering that one.


Emily's birthday is Monday.  My baby's gonna be 15!  Makes me feel old....yeah Mr. Mortimer, I caved.  I got it.  You knew I would.

That's about it for now.  Have a wonderful ThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday until I can post again.


Monday, January 9, 2006

From the "Its a Small World Afterall" File...

A PSA courtesy of the editorial staff at The Daily Purge.

Something that made my heart beep today (as my little one says)...

Some of you may remember me dancing crazily upon hearing the news of passing my CCFP exam.  Well, as it turns out, my little blog is pretty Googlable.  I got a very nice e-mail from someone pretty high up on the CCFP food chain today, asking me for feedback on the credential and the exam process.  He found me, and this, via a Technorati search

Turns out, he's a real sweetheart (thank goodness) and had some great insight on the Atkins diet as well as weight loss in general.  As promised, I take back my "fad diet" designation for Dr. Atkins' original plan.  I still say its not real life, however.  He really was a joy to talk to, and he also helped me be not so embarassed about my little journal space.

Anyway, my point (and I do have one) is


...especially if you have a career you're working very hard to build.  A secondary point might be


You establish your journal, your baby, with a certain audience in mind (friends, family, friends of friends of friends), often forgetting that there's a big fat cyberspace world out there that's made exponentially smaller by things like Google and Technorati.  As hard as I try to separate my career from the other aspects of my life, its really pretty impossible.  Its all me.  I just have to be very careful and try to watch my very opinionated mouth a little.  (JUST A LITTLE!)  Hee.

PSA Concluded.  Have a beautiful day.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Tag I'm It-Five Things That Drive Me Crazy

Tag, I'm it.  My new friend NENA tagged me (thank you!  no one ever tags me!  sniff!!).  Object of the game:  Five things that drive me crazy.

1.    LIARS. 

Do not lie to me, or be fake with me, or try to soften the blow, or give me "white lies" (even though there's no such thing) or be anything other than completely honest at all times.  Do not try to protect my feelings, just tell me how it is.  Think of it this way - if you never lie, you'll never have to remember anything.  Liars have to have excellent memories as well as the sociopathic capability to completely disregard other peoples' feelings.  I can't STAND being lied to.  There is no justification.  Rant complete.


Yanno, they make those little organizers with form-fitting slots for a reason.  I absolutely hate opening my silverware drawer and finding absolute chaos in there.  My kids are famous for using the quick dump method when unloading the dishwasher.  Honestly, how long would it take to put them in the little slots???


Life is entirely too short.  Angry nasty people should be put on an island so they can be nasty by themselves, and stop polluting my aura.


For some reason they get bolder in cars.  Sometimes I wish I had heat seeking missile capabilities in mine to eliminate the planet of RMGNP and their aura polluting grouchiness.


If you don't love/want/like your kids...please let someone else out there do a better job, or better yet don't spawn to begin with.  There are tons of people out there that are just dying to love and nurture a child.  Let them do it.  I want to strangle people when I hear of little toddlers getting lost in WalMarts, or when I see a naked, barefoot baby playing near the street when its 35 degrees outside...take care of them, they're our angels sent from Heaven .


That's it!!  I swear that might have been a little hormone-induced.






Whoever else wants to play...


Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Nipple Acrage.

I shared this with Le already, but I felt the need to gross out the entire community.

Quote of the Moment:

There are 71.9 acres of nipple tissue in the United States.