Monday, January 9, 2006

From the "Its a Small World Afterall" File...

A PSA courtesy of the editorial staff at The Daily Purge.

Something that made my heart beep today (as my little one says)...

Some of you may remember me dancing crazily upon hearing the news of passing my CCFP exam.  Well, as it turns out, my little blog is pretty Googlable.  I got a very nice e-mail from someone pretty high up on the CCFP food chain today, asking me for feedback on the credential and the exam process.  He found me, and this, via a Technorati search

Turns out, he's a real sweetheart (thank goodness) and had some great insight on the Atkins diet as well as weight loss in general.  As promised, I take back my "fad diet" designation for Dr. Atkins' original plan.  I still say its not real life, however.  He really was a joy to talk to, and he also helped me be not so embarassed about my little journal space.

Anyway, my point (and I do have one) is


...especially if you have a career you're working very hard to build.  A secondary point might be


You establish your journal, your baby, with a certain audience in mind (friends, family, friends of friends of friends), often forgetting that there's a big fat cyberspace world out there that's made exponentially smaller by things like Google and Technorati.  As hard as I try to separate my career from the other aspects of my life, its really pretty impossible.  Its all me.  I just have to be very careful and try to watch my very opinionated mouth a little.  (JUST A LITTLE!)  Hee.

PSA Concluded.  Have a beautiful day.


mum24boyz said...

wow....:::running to make my blog more pg:::::: i'm! I didn't know blogs were searchable... :o

Robyn :)

heavenlyearthnr said...

I am so pleased that you passed your exam!  I never heard about CCFP or that field in particular!  Sounds very interesting and uncommon!  I like careers that are unique, and that not everyone can do!  Wish you the best in reaching your career goals!  

Yes, I agree one must be careful about what we blog, cause this net has ears, and the ears grow mouths!  LOL So many have been caught with the law, through their blogging!  This is really something to take into consideration!  I speakssss what I know won't or can't have a grand affect on the outside world, only in the hearts of my fellow J~Landers ;)

Love Ya'

toonguykc said...

Too late for me.  I've already cooked my goose when it comes to language and subject matter AND my sister is a secret service agent.  My employment info and address are already in some government file.  I just hope they have better things to do these days than check in on my boring little life.

PS  The answer to my trivia question is "Jefferson High".  Shhh!  Don't share it!