Monday, January 30, 2006

I actually got tagged. The New Journals Game...

I know.  Most of us don't need more journals to read, but this was really kinda fun.  I swear its like feeding an addiction, but give it a shot if you've got some time.

My new friend Kath tagged me to play this meet new people game - rules are here.  From her entry:

Start in your own journal . . .
In your "links to other journals" click on someone, I don't care who it is or how you picked them, close your eyes and point if you must. Read their latest entry, then leave them a comment, let them know they are involved in this little game and leave a link back to your journal.

NOW . . . 
From the random journal you selected to be in, click on someone in their "links to other journals," and once again read their latest entry, leave them a comment, let them know they are involved in this little game and leave a link back to your journal. . .

THEN . . .
From that journal go to their "links to other journals," (try to pick someone you don't recognize . . . if they don't have links, go back a step and pick someon new . . . be smart. . . and blah blah blah blah . . . you get the point . . . do this 15 times . . . or how every many you have time for, and if you are an over achiever shoot for 20. :)

I only had time for 10 (I'm working, people!!  Well...sorta anyway...)

Here's where I went:

With My Hands Tied Behind My Back

The Darkest Desert   <--a fellow New Mexican!  How cool!!

Is There Really Life Out There?

Reflections of Ari

Singing With My Heart

Dust Bunny Club of North America

Aurora Walking Vacation

Ride Along With Me

Public Thoughts

Keeping the Weight OFF


UPDATE:  Some people don't have "other journals" listed (PAUL!), so I cheated and pulled links from comments. 


missheathyrmarie said...

Thank you for "tagging" me.  I'll have to do this on a day where I really do have awhile!  It looks complicated! Welcome to my journal, and feel free to come back anytime!

shermeen0621 said...

(laughs) ok, so most of these tagging obsessions that have been going around have been a real pain in my butt! but this one looks like it'll actually be fun because i like finding new journals to read. And i'm really glad that you've stumbled across mine. i am tempted to just copy your list but in reverse order! but i'm gonna play this game either tonight or tomorrow night. least i'll start tonight cause something tells me it'll take time.

i'm gonna add you to my list of journals, so far i've only read your "all about me" section. but i'm certain that i'll love your journal.

have a good week.
shermeen xx

colerainebhoy44 said...

try shaz the meaning of life AND cyberpig2 well worth it colleen
ye can contact ( a mad crazy n truly talented jockess ie: scots lass !) through onemoretina,s site also cyberpig2( her son kev ) another awesome talent
ps ps
be advised !

luvmort said...

This sounds really cool but, I have so many journals to read already, my inbox is full in a day or two and I end up reading a hundreds of entries, gods forbid I go away, then it's insane!
It is a good idea, though.

gdireneoe said...

Oh hon'!  No!No!No!  This is how III got sucked in!  LOL  Step away from the link!  I now have over three hundred alerts (if I'd ACTUALLY FREAKING GET THEM!).  I did just what you've described here...comment/link jumping...oy vay! ;)  C.