Monday, January 23, 2006

I stole this from Chuck

I stole this from my favorite egghead, cuz I love him like that.  He's adorable.  I am officially tagging my own self, because I am really that pathetic.

1.  Name four jobs that you've had.

Party Hostess - at Pistol Pete's Pizza all through high school.  Think Chuck E. Cheese without the scary puppets.  It was fun as heck and the uniform was cute.

Pizza Delivery Driver/Manager - for two years.  Sheer hell.  I'd tell you the name of the chain but I'd get sued.  It was horrible, and they treat their employees like crap.  I guess it didn't help that I was pregnant for the last 9 months of my stint there.  The worst tips I got were from rich people while extremely pregnant...the best tips I got were from poor people in the projects.  Go figure.  This is why I'm a notoriously good tipper - been there, done that.  Those people earn like $3-4 an hour and get a whopping 25 cents per delivery for fuel, wear and tear and insurance - cut them a break. <rant complete>

Residency Program Coordinator - I worked for a Dermatology Residency Program and loved it.  I miss my residents!!  I miss the thrill of match day!! It gave me an all new perspective on the human aspect of physicians.  They're not gods - not by a long shot.  They're a whole different breed, kinda like engineers. ::ducking::

Gas Station Attendant - Not fun.  Pity those people.  They work hard for lousy pay.  Be nice to them - I bet most of them have great stories to tell.  (I do!)

2.  Four Movies You'd Watch Over and Over

Twister.  I love Helen Hunt's hair in that movie, and her love interest...(what's his name??) sure looked good in them thar jeans.

Practical Magic.  I know its a chick flick, but I just love Sandra Bullock.  She's my choice to play me in my life story - gorgeous and great at slapstick.  (I'm a spaz)

My Neighbor Totoro.  I love cartoons, and I really love "animated features" by this particular Japanese director (Hayao Miyazaki).  Rent them all, even if you don't have children.  The animation is amazing.

Gone With The Wind.  Its a classic.  Shaddap.

3.  Four Places You Have Lived.

Albuquerque, Albuquerque, Peralta (suburb of Albuqurque), and...oh yeah ALBUQUERQUE.  (Yes my life is pure boredom.  This is why I live vicariously through you people.)

4.  Four TV Shows You Love To Watch.

I hate TV.  It has to serve some purpose, or I'm not watching it.  That being said, I'm become fascinated with successful weight loss stories on Discovery Health, as well as their plastic surgery shows.  (Yeah I'm weird)  I also like Sponge Bob.  (told ya)  Oh, and I watch the news....and, I've recently become addicted to Related just because Em likes it.

5.  Four Places You've Been on Vacation.

Hopefully I can come up with four.  I'm a mom on a limited budget.

New Orleans (pre-hurricane) - absolutely beautiful city that I think I left my heart in.  I hope it can be rebuilt to pre-hurricane awesomeness.  Hopefully people won't forget that they still need help there.  And yes, I'm still going to live there someday, even if its only for a little while.

Carlsbad, NM - Go see the caverns if you're ever down my way.  Absolutely amazing stuff.

Victor, CO - spooky little ghost town that my Aunt Dodie owns a summer home in.  That's the first and last haunted house I ever plan to spend the night in.  (eek)

Chama, NM - rode the little narrow gauge train up there.  That was a hoot, but the food was expensive and not so good.

6.  Four Foods You Love To Eat.

Chiles Rellenos.  Come visit me and I'll treat you to a mouthful of heaven.  Whole green chiles, stuffed with cheese, batter dipped and fried, smothered with more chile (red or green) and more cheese.  The bomb diggity.

Warm Sopaipillas with Honey.  - enough said.

Neo Classico Paninni from Saggio's.  Roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto sauce, focaccia bread.  Dayum.

Mom's spaghetti that she hasn't made in 16 years.  Yep, I still remember.

7.  Four Places You'd Rather Be Right Now.

Home.  I like it there.  I'm not in my house enough.

New Orleans.  Still miss it; don't care that it needs a little TLC right now.

Jemez Wilderness - sitting next to that waterfall on a warmer day.

Grandma's House, just because I miss it.


OKAY it is henceforth declared that whosoever reads this entry is hereinafter considered tagged with no further notice or action necessary on the part of the declaree.  Just do it, its fun.


sugarsweet056 said...

Just finished getting tagged with another one, so I'm skipping this for right now.
Have a great week! ;0)

redsneakz said...

Hey, engineers might be a different breed but we're still.. uh.. umm..  

Nope. Can't think of too many redeeming qualities.

Oh yeah.  We're "clean once a week."

luvmort said...

I am on my way for the Chiles Rellenos!

toonguykc said...

Bill Paxton was the guy in "Twister".  He's definitely a hot man!!  


dklars said...

Hi!  I got to your journal via a game of journal tag.  I'm on a quest to read new journals, it's one of those "Tag" games that goes around.  You are welcome to play along.  The rules are here:  Your journal link will be listed in my journal.

I enjoyed your journal, you have a great sense of humor