Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Purgables: Nervous Ticks, Weight Loss and Mice on Fire

My twitching....again.  Uncontrollably.  And I feel like EVERYONE can see it, because it feels to me like I'm having these petit mal seizures all day.  Its really plexing me.


Over the holidays I gained a little over 3 lbs and fell off the wagon with a thud.  :::THUD:::  I've discovered that I'm completely addicted to sugar.  Its very similar to an addict relapsing, with the profound difference being that addicts can stop using without dying.  I can't stop eating.  It started with a corner of a sugar cookie, and went completely downhill from there.  Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, fudge, pies, and that yummy creamy cherry jello stuff.  I suppose that's fine for a day or two, but then I couldn't stop.  It just kept spiralling out of control until I hit my Weight Watchers meeting last week.  I went in to face the music, knowing it would snap me out of my stupidity, and it did.  I'm back on track - I lost 2.6 lbs this week -  and just need to lose .4 lbs to get back to where I was before my binge.

A small hiccup on the way, I suppose.  I've decided I'm going to try to reach my goal weight by August-September.  I'm determined.  I'm gonna do it this time.  I have to, because I threw out all my fat clothes.


This week's weird news once again gave everyone tangible proof that New Mexico indeed deserves its ranking as one of the stupidest states in the country with the tale of the burning mouse.  Yes, its a true story.  Yes, it happened here.  The story goes that a man, disgusted with his home's mouse infestation, purchased those icky mouse traps that consist of much sticky glue on a piece of cardboard.  The reason why those things are so horrible is because the mouse LIVES ON, and you have to either have the gutspa to kill the poor little thing or wait for it to starve to death.  Its not humane.  Anyway, apparently this man didn't think it through very well because he purchased one of those icky things and didn't realize the mouse would live once it got stuck to this thing.

So, he did what no one else would have ever thought of.  He took the poor creature outside, placed it on top of some other leaves and debris he was planning on burning (more proof he wasn't too bright - there is a HUGE ever-increasing fire danger that everyone and their mom has been discussing the past two months!!).  He lit the entire concoction on fire, without concern for the mouse, or the fire danger. 

Now let's ponder this for a moment, shall we?  A quarter inch or so of icky sticky glueish stuff stuck to a cardboard plate...when it heats up, it will MELT.  So, the poor little mouse is on fire and suddenly freed from his horrible inhumane trap when he does what any living thing on fire would do - he runs like mad.  Here's where karma kicks in.  He runs right into the man's house, catching it on fire, and destroying all the man's worldly possessions.

Only in New Mexico.

We've had mice before, and I know they're not pleasant, amazingly destructive and downright dangerous, but I still couldn't use those sticky pad things.  You keep your house clean, keep the grain for the horse far away from the house (that one's important), and you set traps.  I hate killing the poor little things, but if its between the poor little cute mouse and my daughter contracting the Hanta Virus...sorry little guy, you're history. 

I'd never light him on fire though. 


School starts up again on Tuesday and as usual I'm nowhere near ready.  I keep telling myself this is the last one.  The last semester.  Unless...

Unless I talk myself into graduate school.  A year and a half in the Executive MBA program.  Fridays and Saturdays for a year.

Still pondering that one.


Emily's birthday is Monday.  My baby's gonna be 15!  Makes me feel old....yeah Mr. Mortimer, I caved.  I got it.  You knew I would.

That's about it for now.  Have a wonderful ThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday until I can post again.



kuhlhiggins said...

The eye thing sounds very annoying. I am sure that you will be back on track with the weight loss. I too fell off but I am back on track at least for

jgrand1 said...

Hi Kristeena,  I love it that the mouse burned down the guy's house!  That really is poetic justice!  Glad you're back on track with your diet.  I'm trying to get mine going!

Jeanne x

jeff466 said...

I've had an eye tic in the past, it is really annoying.  I tend to get it when I'm under heavy stress.

I saw the story about the mouse on CNN!  What a mess.

I haven't won anything lately, but a lady on my sweepstakes message board won a Mini Cooper in a sweeps I had been entering!  I don't do much in the lotto except maybe a scratch off here and there.  

Have a great weekend :)  Jeff

boiseladie said...

Over the two weeks of holidays, which for me included a Mexico cruise, I had hoped not to gain more than 5 lbs, and wished really hard not to gain 10 lbs.  It's so easy to do!  I didn't really refrain from eating anything I wanted, and enjoyed what I did eat.  Last week I weighed in at +3.8lbs.  This week I was down 7.4lbs.  I couldn't believe it!  You're heading in the right direction.

luvmort said...

I saw that mouse thing. He needs to be up for a Darwin award.

sugarsweet056 said...

Hey gurlee...yeah that eye tic can be annoying for sure. About the weight, you'll get back on track fast, I go on & off...up & down. LOL
Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.

lovinglife6977 said...