Monday, January 16, 2006

There's a ghost in my bathroom.

For real.  I have no idea who, but they're there.

Four weeks ago I had a weird feeling about Alberto's jacket hanging in my foyer (in my bedroom) so I put it away.  Since then, someone very bratty has taken over my shower.  All my bathroom supplies (shampoo, conditioner, razor, soap, body wash, sponge and exfoliator) mysteriously fell from their respective spots in the shower onto the shower floor, all at once.  Thank goodness I was in the front of the house or I would have peed myself at all the noise all of the sudden.  It made me pucker a little as it was.

Now it seems the fun thing to do is to turn the water in the shower on just enough to wake me up around 2-3 AM.  Each night.  I wish he'd remember we were in a drought situation and I get fined for over usage.  Its just as easy to turn that darn water on during the day when I don't get so annoyed.  I crank those things tight before I get out of the shower each night, and for the past few nights the water's not only dripping, its ON.  The carpeting in front of the enclosure was soaked last night thanks to this little game.

My daughter was in my bedroom watching TV not too long ago and she felt someone sit next to her.  Half asleep at the time, she figured it was one of the little dogs and reached down to pet him/her and realized nothing was there.  I got a panicky call from the bathroom that day, too.

The bathroom's freezing too.  Not see-your-breath freezing, but its cold.  I wake up cold and feel like someone's there and I have to turn on Bugs Bunny or something to make the feeling go away.

So, mental note to the ghost in my bathroom:  There's kinder ways to be bratty that don't involve interrupting my cherished few hours of sleep.  Can't we pencil you in for say...7PM or something?

Any of y'all have spooks in your house?  I'm just not sure how to deal with this.


mum24boyz said...

spooky!!! Nope, I got nothing spooking my house except all my nutty!

Robyn :)

danielled1 said...

Oooooh, spooky story!! Sheesh, I hope your ghost can learn to be a little more considerate. Reading this gave me the chills!


ps- I had the same thing happen when I was a child - sitting on the bed, felt something hop up, looked for my dog, and ...FREAKED when I saw nothing there. No one believed me, either. :(

kuhlhiggins said...

That is scary Kris. I don't have any ghosts in my apartment and hope I don't get any because I am a big chicken when it comes to those kinds of things. Hope yours goes away.

boiseladie said...

Oh wow... I'm not sure what to think.  I have never experienced such things.

heavenlyearthnr said...

Hi Kristeena,
The spiritual world is very sacred to me, and I give it much respect! I think that at times the beyond try to speak to us, and we often can't see things or listen, so perhaps there is a hidden message!  You instinctively thought about Alberto, so I would take my bible and say a prayer for his soul to be at peace!  I also would turn on a white candle (if not at home at church) and dedicate it to him and lost souls, to lighten up there path!  I have never experienced anything like that, but we often get afraid of what is unseen, but most of the time, our passed loved ones are not trying to scare us, just communicate something!  If this persists, I would get some type of professional advice: Spiritual adviser, priests-pastor etc... Pray a lot, and have faith in our Lord, for he is watching over you!


donah42 said...

I would say maybe try putting the jacket back in its original place and see if that makes a difference.

luvmort said...

How old is your daughter. Poltergiests usually visit girls around puberty according to legend.

sugarsweet056 said...

Try lighting a white candle, saying a prayer for the spirit to move on. Talk to the spirit, simply asking it to go on into the next realm, that it's time here is finished. Did I say pray! PRAY!
If it conts, seek the advice of a Spiritual Person!

jeff466 said...

I used to live in an older house and felt a presence there, but I haven't felt one in the new house.  

In the old house after hearing odd noises and feeling something there I just told it him her that they were welcome to stay as long as they didn't cause any trouble.  I felt silly saying it out loud but it was funny after I did that, whenever I would hear the noises or felt a presence it didn't bother me anymore.  

Have a great weekend, Jeff

erarein63 said...

I've never lived in a house that had a presence (and hope I never do), but my BF in HS did and it was always a little freaky at her house.  Why don't you pop over to GABREAEL's (  site and see what she has to say.   And PRAY!

De :0

lifes2odd said...

Hey, I know I'm arriving late to comment on this one but I've just arrived back in J land from 2 years ago! I like your journal (your photo looks so familiar, did you change your journal name?). So anyway, I kept reading and when I found this entry I coulnd resist commenting. I've had very similar experiences! What ever happened? Is your ghost still around? I'm really curious to see what's happened!!Come on over and visit me at - Martha  

philadlfiagrl said...

yikes! yo! im home alone over here, thanks alot brat!!! how im getting the heebie geebies, but i just couldnt hit the X box !!!!


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