Monday, February 20, 2006

Girl takes ribbon snake bite personally.

So, as most of you know, I am a snake owner.  I love snakes - I think they're beautiful, sleek, very misunderstood creatures. 

Anyway, my snake's name is Phyl.  This could be short for Phyllis or Phyllip - its an androgenous name because snakes are very hard to sex.  I've had Phyl for about two years now and he's gotten very long and very fat.  He's my buddy.  I handle him often, the kids handle him, Kayla's friend handle him, and he's generally a pretty cool snake. 

Until this time.

I bought him a beautiful brand new 15 gallon aquarium because he's too big for his old 5 gallon one.  I got him new bedding, new river rocks, and put his plant and pond in there.  I was all proud of myself. 

So I take Phyl out like I usually do when its time to put his food in there, which, by the way, is live rosie fish.  I held him for a while, letting him go in and out of my fingers, when I noticed he had some white shiney stuff on his head.  Ew?  So being the mom I am, I grabbed a paper towel and moistened it with warm water, and ran it over his whole body. 

Now, ribbon snakes rarely bite I've read, but when they're really hacked they'll "musk" - nasty smelling stuff will come out of them, which is harmless.  You just wash it off and go on with your business.  Well, Phyl "musked" and yeah it was nasty.  Then I noticed his little mouth open and freaked - he was trying to bite me!

The little S***!

He finally did get ahold of me, and I was freaked and yelling and screaming and shaking and the whole fandamily came to my aid, sorta.  More like, they watched, mouths agape, as I freaked out over my snake.

I was so hurt and upset that I didn't realize I'd put him in his old cage.  Tearful, bleeding, I put his fish in his pond and grabbed the thickest winteryest sock I could find so I could pick him up and relocate him.  I'm so glad I took that precautionary measure, because the little craphead dug into that sock, through the sock to my skin...and wouldn't let go!  I lowered him tail-first into the tank and he hung there, attached to the sock for a good two minutes before he let go.


He's not a rattlesnake, so there's no fangs there, just a gazillion little needle-like razor sharp teeth that hurt like a monkey when they get ya.  You can't even see the bite on my finger anymore.

Needless to say, the female that I am, I took it personally.  WAY personally.  He's never been aggressive or mean before, ever.  I've let tiny children handle this snake.  He pooped on Kayla's friend, but that was the worst that's ever happened.

I'm bummed.

He didn't eat his last batch of fish, and he hasn't touched this one.  He's not shedding, but he keeps rubbing his snout on everything like it itches.  I'm hoping that's why he got so nippy.

Anyone out there own a western ribbon?  I can't figure out why he got so nasty. 

There ya go - the pathetic low-light of my weekend.  Bitten by my own snake.  Now you see why I live vicariously through my friends.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday Morning Eye Candy

The new lead singer of INXS.  Just sayin'.

Go here now for the video:  Pretty Vegas

I think its the tattoos. . . enjoy!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing. Really.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Now that that's out of the way, I've got so much to purge about in so little time...this is gonna be all over the place.

I lost another couple of pounds, but its very slow going.  Two pounds in a month is inexcusable, and I'm fully aware I'm not going to meet my goal of 55 lbs by the 14th, but it'll happen next week for sure.  Its sure going slow, but at least its going.


I've felt pretty lousy all weekend, and I'm not entirely sure why.  Well I know I suffered food poisoning Friday to Saturday, which was horrible.  That's never happened to me before, and as I told Chuck, I'm seriously considering going vegan again.  Its really hard to get food poisoning from fruits, veggies and grains.  I haven't had pain like that since I had Kayla in 1997.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

I still can't shake the migraine or the cloud.  I call it my 'aura' and I always get it before a migraine.  I've only had one migraine before in my whole life, and I see weird circles around lights and fog-like stuff before and during.  Hopefully it'll be gone tomorrow.  I honestly don't have time to get sick.  Maybe its stress...



Educator Rant, Paso Uno.  Science Fair is next week for Kayla.  Translation:  Mom spends $100 (literally) on science fair crap, gives up an entire weekend of study time to monitor experiments and teach the scientific method, and teacher gets out of doing anything.  My two cents:  at 8-9 years old, teacher needs to not only instruct children on scientific method and give class time for science fair projects, she needs to LET THE PARENTS KNOW WELL AHEAD OF TIME instead of the Thursday before the fair.  These children are not ready for it, seeing as they've had no exposure to this before.  Fourth grade?  yes!  Fifth grade?  Of course!!  Third grade??  They still need some help.  Add to this the fact that since January they've had 2-3 hours of homework a night (not exaggerating) AND a biography project is due this same week.  My high schooler has less stuff to do. 

Educator Rant, Part Deux:  Stop teaching to the standardized tests.  I don't give a hoot about the "no child left behind act".  What happened to teaching?  Why drill into the kids what they'll be tested on?  Why get them so worked up about some stupid standardized test that they have no chance of passing anyway because y'all didn't bother teaching the topics until 4 weeks ago?  Finally, WHY start teaching to the test merely 4 weeks before it'll be taken?  They're not going to learn multiplication, division and geometry in four weeks.

Sidenote:  sending a one page typed letter to the teacher got me a one line post-it, begging me not to have Kayla do a project because she "obviously really didn't want to".  Of COURSE she doesn't want to.  She's a kid.  Kids don't ever WANT to do science fair projects.  This would be a lesson on "how to miss a point entirely".

Educator Rant, Part THREE:  Why hold a MANDATORY parent meeting to beg people to vote on bond funds, and then try to pacify them with cold flesh-filled sandwiches?  Do you really think I wanted to eat with you people, versus my children? Ner.  How about holding a parent meeting to discuss things like curriculum or science fairs?  Now there's an idea...

*Rant Complete*


Yeah, I've been a sucky journaller lately.  Corporate Tax and Strategic Management are kicking my posterior, so bear with me for a while.  Y'all always do, and I'm grateful.  Its almost like having my own little cheerleading section, which is awesome.


Valentine's Day.  Yet another day for Mom to spend a ton of money on treats and cards for every single one of the girls' friends and watch everyone else get bling and flowers and candy and crap.  On a more positive note: 

I truly hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and get all kinds of flowers and candy and bling and crap.