Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday Morning Eye Candy

The new lead singer of INXS.  Just sayin'.

Go here now for the video:  Pretty Vegas

I think its the tattoos. . . enjoy!


mum24boyz said...

oh!! like the second pic better... :)

Robyn :)

kuhlhiggins said...

Nice smile. What a cutie.

donah42 said...

Yeah, he grew on me during the course of the show...definitely the best choice :)

luvmort said...

Way hot!

gdireneoe said...

Just "ain't" fair!  I officialy have to classify myself as a Mrs. Robinson...;)  C.

boiseladie said...

Oh, and what eye candy he is!  Mmmm...   Gawd! He's cute!