Thursday, September 27, 2007

suckbuttiest friend ever

My life has thankfully calmed down to the point where I can read my personal e-mail, check out blogs and read books for pleasure, even if its only for a few moments a day.

I've realized, however, that over the past year of mayhem and madness, I've let a lot of my friendships fall by the wayside. As with anything, if you stop nurturing or giving energy to something, it fades and dies. Hopefully my friends are the forgiving type, and they'll listen to me long enough to let me apologize and try to understand that I don't do this crap on purpose.

I've got this great job that I've devoted a ton of attention to, and my babies are all-important, but those aren't the only things that make a life whole.  Life, in general, is wonderful.  I just forgot there were other parts of it that require my attention and energy.

As I get older, I understand more and more why friends are important. We simply can't survive without human relationships in our short existance here on earth. The way our lives have become, we must have support systems in place to fall back on. When the bottom does fall out, as mine has, you realize you've alienated and/or ignored the friends you so desperately need to lean on.

Now, like the selfish brat I am, I caught myself feeling like they should just magically appear to help me sort through the latest mess...failing to realize that I've been MIA for the past year (or more)!  WTF is wrong with me???

I can't promise I'll change, but I can promise I'll make the effort.


boiseladie said...

Well, for whatever is going on, you've need to tend to it and make it right.  Your friends, if true friends, will be there either way.  Glad you're trying to make it back around here.

jmorancoyle said...

Hi, Kris;
    Missed you and glad to see you back. I'm sorry about the misgivings of the past year, but I'm glad to hear that there are still good things happening in your life. I'm hoping you'll be back soon. Take care.

luvmort said...

"We simply can't survive without human relationships"

This much I know is true.  I have found that out this past month, big time.