Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Death of AOL

Its just sad. I know, I haven't written or posted since - what was it December? - but still. AOL J-Land died years ago with the advent of those stupid banner ads - any ordinary idiot could have predicted THAT - but now to bayonet the wounded to make sure we're dead...its just sad.

Who would have known that AOL would stop listening to the consumer and die a slow and painful death? Who could have predicted that a series of drastically horrible business decisions would mean the demise of the internet giant? It seems that if they'd just listened to their customers, they'd still be around. Weren't we all begging them to stop sending countless random CDs out to the masses? Those things cost zillions I'm sure, and we used them for carpentry and art projects and to make tables stop wobbling. Then...the banner ads. Chasing the remainder of their loyal customer base out in the name of corporate greed, without even considering how the consumers would react.

I remember logging on the first time in 2000 and thinking AOL was the SHIZNIT. I spent hours IMing my friends and learning about chatrooms...making my own first personal homepage and then this - the purge. A place where I can come and exercise the writing muscle, keep in touch with my friends, make new ones ... all while doing something I love - writing. Its just kind of sad that the door is closing on that era forever. There are memorial journals of those who have since passed that will be lost to us always (AOL refuses to transition them because you have to opt in, and that's hard if you're no longer with us), and those of us who have chosen not to blog anymore, thus saying a quiet farewell.

I hope we all decide to keep writing and purging and communicating on some other format and I hope I find you all as well. Maybe everyone will make the smooth transition, and my friends will go look for me. In return, I promise to try to blog more often.

My new address:

Look me up, subscribe, whatever. Let's not lose each other forever. Feel free to e-mail me and send me your new addy.

As one door closes...another door is opening and my little world is changing.
I'll give more specifics shortly.

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BosieLadie said...

Welcome! And, how the heck are you?!!? I've missed your posts, and wonder often, how you're doing. Glad to see you're okay.